About Sandra

Sandra has been performing therapeutic massages since the early 2000s. She graduated from South Florida as a massage therapist and certified in Continuing Education by the Department of Health and Board Massage of Florida.

From 2008 until 2013, she worked in Medical Therapy and rehabilitation, assisting patients in post-traumatic car accident treatment and post-operative treatment for neck injuries, upper and lower back, rotator cuff and other injuries caused by accidents.

In 2013 she became an Instructor in Massage Therapist, and she specialized in developing treatments, protocols, and massage manipulations to help relieve pain.  Also, I am certified to perform Lymphatic Drainage Massage and post-operative surgeries.

The objective of her therapies is to provide a quality service based on experience and knowledge in Therapeutic Massage and to help you have a healthy lifestyle for in the well-being of her patients.