Why Do Massages Feel So Good?

Massage therapy has been used as a way to relieve stress, improve circulation, and even help with pain. Massages are an excellent way to relax the muscles and body.

Why do massages feel so good? One of the most common explanations is that massages release endorphins and serotonin into your system. These hormones help improve mood, relieve stress, and increase relaxation.

Massages Help You Relax

When you are relaxed, your body is more resistant to pain and inflammation. Massage therapists often use techniques that help their clients relax such as long strokes, gentle pressure, and soothing motions. These movements give a feeling of pleasure which actually alleviates stress rather than cause it like in some forms of exercise or activity.

Massages Reduce Stress

Stress can have a negative effect on your body and overall health. Massage therapy reduces stress by improving circulation, releasing hormones associated with happiness, relieving tension in the muscles and joints, and increasing feelings of well-being. So next time you are feeling stressed out or anxious schedule an appointment for a massage to help reduce the stress and improve your health.

Massages Relieve Pain

Besides helping to reduce pain and inflammation, massage therapy also helps you relax which can help you feel better overall. It has been suggested that even clients with chronic conditions such as arthritis see a reduction in symptoms from regular massages.

Massages Help Release Toxins

Another reason that people enjoy massages so much could be because they stimulate lymphatic flow – this helps remove toxins from your body more efficiently! Massage therapists often use techniques such as long strokes, gentle pressure, and soothing motions to help relieve tension in the muscles which can reduce pain and inflammation. This enhances circulation making it easier for your body to remove toxins through sweat or lymph nodes.

All these reasons combined are why people love getting massages so much. When you feel good, your health and happiness improve which is why people love massages!

So go ahead and book a massage today and find out why people love them so much!